Signage Company Saves with Everstream

Thanks to a persistent sales representative and thorough telecom audit, Everstream earned the business of a leading signage, lighting and electrical services company with five locations.

The customer was in the middle of contracts with multiple competitors, with whom they were not happy. While the customer believed the contracts didn’t expire for another 2 years, Everstream discovered they were actually expiring in 6 months.

Everstream audited the customer’s existing services — including an MPLS circuit they had been paying for all along, but not using — and developed a new proposal for review.

Ultimately, Everstream offered a solution that increased the customer’s bandwidth tenfold — from a 100 Mbps internet connection to a 1 Gbps dedicated symmetrical internet connection — while decreasing its overall monthly spend by identifying and canceling unused services and consolidating voice services with Everstream’s vendor.

“In addition to the financial savings, this customer gains the increased responsiveness and customer support that is a core tenet of Everstream — which had been an ongoing issue with the previous provider,” explains Bill Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Everstream.

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