Ron Laneve, GenomOncology

Before Everstream, GenomOncology was struggling with substandard network service. See how Everstream made upgrading to fiber simple and super effective!

“Our network service was OK until we moved downtown,” recalls Ron Laneve, Vice President of Operations for GenomOncology. “Our connection was adequate when we were in Westlake, but as soon as we came downtown it was simply not useable anymore.”

GenomOncology provides software solutions to cancer pathology laboratories that allow them to quickly and efficiently analyze genetic sequencing data for cancer patients. The reports generated allow doctors to rapidly assign therapies to an individual based on mutations found in the individual’s own tumor genes. The company’s products translate sequencing data into actionable information for clinicians and researchers.

GenomOncology’s business depends on its ability to deploy and trouble-shoot its software and analyze very large data sets internally.

“Connectivity is a huge deal for us,” says Laneve. “When our former service provider did nothing, it nearly shut our business down. We were just functional but not really productive.”

During the process of revisiting its original research into network service providers, the company approached Everstream. Everstream offered GenomOncology 100Mb up and 100Mb down and the rock-solid reliability of the latest fiber-optic technology. The one complication was that a new fiber-optic connection had to be constructed into the company’s location at OneCleveland Center on E. 9th St.

Despite that, Laneve says that the process of building and deploying the fiber connection went very smoothly. And once the physical connection was in place, there was very little cutover time during the transition.

“We were surprised at just how fast it was, and still is,” says Laneve. “For us it was a no brainer. Service, reliability and implementation, we 100% endorse Everstream. We’ve had no concerns whatsoever since we switched.”