Private, Non-Profit Agency Switches to Everstream

A private, non-profit treatment agency with offices and facilities throughout seven Ohio counties has selected Everstream as its new fiber network service provider.

Everstream proved to be an ideal fit for several reasons, from our local technical support and scalability to direct peering access.

“Everstream was able to futureproof their network,” said Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “Because this customer is growing rapidly, they appreciated having a single service provider for their networking needs across multiple locations as well as a provider who can adapt to their changing needs in the future.”

This new customer is taking advantage of Everstream’s high-speed, low-latency network and local customer support to handle their Voice over IP services and data needs.

In addition, Everstream’s direct peering connections, which provide customers with direct access to Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, Netflix and more, are of particular interest to the agency. These direct connections avoid unnecessary trips through third party networks, which reduces latency and naturally increases throughput.

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