You wouldn’t buy a car without looking under the hood and taking it for a test drive. It’s necessary to ensure you’re making the best decision for you and your family. Do you take the same care with your business?

Looking at your service provider’s engine — its network — is the only way to truly understand the infrastructure your business relies upon.

Most business service providers also supply the residential market, and operate a single network that serves both audiences. In other words, your customer’s latest contract negotiations are competing with your neighbor’s cat video download.

At Everstream, we are the Business Fiber Network.® Our more than 10,000-mile, all-fiber network spans several Midwest states, is 100% built, owned and operated, and is exclusively for business clients. It is the backbone upon which your customized business fiber network solution is built.

Despite what you hear, business fiber networks are not created equal. Kick our tires. Everstream won’t take you for a ride.


Everstream has built its network — totaling more than 10,000 route miles of fiber across five states — from the ground up. We offer customized, built-to-suit network solutions from in-house experts who will design, build, certify and maintain your fiber network.


With comprehensive data center connectivity at 100 Gbps speed, Everstream’s network is capable of accommodating converged internet, voice and data services at speeds up to 100 Gbps — without sacrificing security or architectural flexibility.

The foundation of our core network is fiber-ring architecture, providing diversity and reliability with multiple interconnected gateways that have the ability to provide from 320 Gbps to more than 64 Tbps of switching capacity per gateway.


Everstream utilizes carrier-grade equipment across its network. The company’s entire backbone is powered by these carrier-grade switches and routers to offer a portfolio of SDN-ready routing platforms that provide industry-leading system capacity, density and performance. Everstream also employs a DWDM backbone transport.

Direct Peering

Everstream offers cloud direct peering connections to help customers manage increases in bandwidth and network traffic. Our customers have direct access to Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, Netflix and more — avoiding unnecessary trips through third party networks. This reduces latency, naturally increases throughput and ensures that your internet connectivity is not impacted by routine usage.

These direct connections remove the traffic load that would normally utilize a customer’s bandwidth while traveling over its network — saving valuable bandwidth that can instead be allocated elsewhere via Quality of Service.


A fiber network from Everstream can be managed to maximize the efficiency of your connection. Quality of Service allows businesses to tag packets of information based on priority, which allows your bandwidth to compensate as needed to deliver an ideal user experience. For example, giving voice priority over data mitigates jitter and latency issues, which are often associated with the service.

Low Latency

By its simplest definition, latency is a delay. Just 150 milliseconds of latency — a delay of less than 2 tenths of second — can result in poor network performance. Everstream’s low-latency network impacts everything from the quality of Voice over IP calls to the speed of routine data transfer.


Everstream’s network offers backbone redundancy, utilizing a combination of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and direct fiber links. The resulting self-healing fiber rings ensure your service remains operational at all times.


Everstream offers its customers basic latency service level agreements for storage replication that align with the industry’s EMC standard of less than 4 milliseconds for real-time replication.



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