Native Tribe Taps Everstream to Modernize Lands

A Native American tribe in northern Michigan chose Everstream to help bring modern telecommunications and technology to its historic lands.

Collectively, the tribe chose to build fiber to their tribal lands, allowing members to break the cycle of high-cost / low-access services for internet, phone and others. The three circuits will deliver Everstream’s high-speed, low-latency fiber to the tribe’s headquarters, government entities, outreach centers, homes and more — delivering modern technology at a reasonable cost.

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 24% of rural adults say access to high-speed internet is a major problem in their local community. An additional 34% of rural residents see this as a minor problem, meaning that roughly six-in-10 rural Americans (58%) believe access to high speed internet is a problem in their area.

“It is often a struggle to access competitive high-speed service in rural areas,” says Bill Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Everstream. “Everstream was happy to partner with this customer to deliver a holistic solution that will serve the tribe’s unique needs.”

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