Gamers Rely on Everstream’s High-Bandwidth Fiber

An elite gaming facility, designed to train professional gamers, has selected Everstream to provide the high-bandwidth, low-latency connection its patrons demand for the best possible user experience.

This unique facility lives and dies by its network connection, and latency is the most important element of that equation.

By its simplest definition, latency is a delay that occurs while processing data over an online connection. Just 150 milliseconds of latency — a delay of less than 2 tenths of second — can result in poor network performance. A fiber connection eliminates many of the latency issues users experience with a copper cable infrastructure, and can scale to accommodate the needs of a growing industry such as this.

“Not only is fiber the optimal choice, it’s the obvious one for this customer,” says Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “Moreover, the bandwidth needs for this industry will only continue to increase. Fiber can typically be put in place in preparation for growth needs up to 20 years into the future, offering a dependable connection for years to come.”

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