Everstream Selected to Upgrade Customer’s Infrastructure

A wholesale food reseller has selected Everstream to upgrade its network infrastructure from cable to fiber—a top priority for the company. Everstream’s high-speed, all-fiber, low-latency network positively impacts everything from the quality of their Voice over IP calls to the speed of routine data transfer.

The company had been struggling with the latency and poor network performance prone to operating contemporary services, such as point of sale, VoIP and shipping logistics, over a dated network. Specifically, just 150 milliseconds of latency—a delay of less than 2 tenths of second—can negatively affect the performance of these services.

“This customer saw a need for the upgrade and proactively hired an IT manager who would be able to oversee the project,” said Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “This install was a complete overhaul for them. It has been so successful that we are exploring additional services that may further benefit their operations.”

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