Everstream Secures Additional On-Campus Building

An existing Everstream customer upgraded its services and added a new facility to its network connection.

With two buildings already on Everstream’s all-fiber network, this private educational institution was able to easily connect the third building and signed a new 5-year commitment. In total, the school has two Point-to-Point connections as well as Dedicated Internet Access with Everstream to serve its campus’ needs.

The school utilizes Voice over IP for its phone system, which is highly dependent on bandwidth to ensure a clear, crisp connection. Everstream’s high-speed, low-latency fiber connection delivers the bandwidth needed for this customer to seamlessly connect to its enterprise voice system.

“With VoIP calls, less than 2 tenths of a second in latency determines whether a call is seamless. This customer recognized the inherent value in having a fiber network in order to communicate among its campus facilities,” explains Bill Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Everstream.

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