Everstream Named One of the “Best Places to Work”

Company honored with first NorthCoast 99 designation, earned mid-size top score

Cleveland, Ohio, August 26, 2016 – Everstream, a regional-based network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, Internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest, has been recognized as one of Northeast Ohio’s 99 best places to work.

This is the first year Everstream, which was founded in 2014, received the NorthCoast 99 award. The company also earned top-scorer honors for a mid-size organization, defined as having 51-500 employees.

“We are excited to be named a best-in-class workplace. As an organization, we are committed to delivering best-in-class network solutions to our customers,” said Brett Lindsey, President and CEO. “Our team members and their efforts are what makes that possible.”

Known for corporate transparency as well as its monthly Kick-A** Award, Everstream prides itself on having a culture of communication. Routinely, employees are given access to detailed company information, including financial results, customer wins and losses, and corporate direction.

They also are given unfiltered access to Lindsey through his “office roomie of the week” program. Each week, an employee from a different department takes up residence at an extra desk in Lindsey’s office.

“I don’t push people out when I have calls, so they learn what is going on in the business,” he explained during his interview with NorthCoast 99. “I believe knowledge about the business is the key to unlocking employee engagement and commitment.”

NorthCoast 99 is an annual recognition program that honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. The program focuses on organizational practices and performance, honoring great places to work for top performing people who drive results, provide competitive advantages, and allow businesses to innovate and grow.

NorthCoast 99 is presented by ERC, the area’s leading professional services organization dedicated to HR. Applicants are evaluated based on policies and practices related to the attraction and retention of top performers, as well as data collected from employee surveys.

“We’re extremely honored to recognize the 2016 NorthCoast 99 winners. These organizations have earned the right to call themselves a great workplace by their dedication to attracting, supporting, retaining and motivating their top performers. ERC developed the NorthCoast 99 program with the hopes of inspiring local leaders to promote the great workplace movement,” comments Pat Perry, President of ERC.

About Everstream

Everstream is a regional-based network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, Internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest. We focus on delivering best-in-class network solutions while providing an unrivaled commitment to customer service. With over 9,500 miles of fiber across 5 states and comprehensive data center connectivity at 10 Gigabit speed, we provide the fastest network in the region. Everstream’s network allows businesses to operate a converged IP network capable of delivering robust voice, video, and data services at speeds from 10 mbps to 10 gbps.

Todd Mengay