Everstream Lights Up Fairmont Creamery

Everstream will deliver ultra-high-speed, fiber-based broadband network services to a retail and multi-dweller redevelopment project in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood

Cleveland, OH – April 10, 2014
Everstream will provide high-speed, fiber-based broadband network services to both retail and residential occupants of the 100,000-sq.-ft., five-story Fairmont Creamery building currently under redevelopment in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. The Creamery is slated to open in late 2014.

“We are really excited to be working with Everstream to bring the fastest residential internet service to The Creamery,” said Josh Rosen, one of the three partners of Oberlin, Ohio-based developer Sustainable Community Associates. “The Everstream network will be a significant asset for both our residents and businesses.”

Everstream will provide direct 100Mbps fiber-based, broadband internet service to both Fairmont Creamery’s commercial tenants and 30 residential units of the five-story building. That’s 10-to-20 times faster than the speed available from the neighborhood’s commercial providers. Commercial customers will have the opportunity to connect to Everstream’s network at speeds up to 10 gigabit per second.

“The Creamery project is a perfect example of how developers and managers of mixed-use, multi-dweller properties gain a competitive advantage by providing future-proof, highest-capacity Everstream solutions with best-in-class service,” said Brett Lindsey, President of Everstream.

About Everstream

Everstream is a Cleveland based network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, Internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout Northeast Ohio. We focus on delivering best-in-class network solutions while providing an unrivaled commitment to customer service. With over 2500 miles of fiber across 24 counties and comprehensive data center connectivity at 10 Gigabit speed, we provide the fastest network in the region. Everstream’s network allows businesses to operate a converged IP network capable of delivering robust voice, video, and data services at speeds from 10 mb/s to 10 gb/s.