Everstream, Leading Wireless Carrier Team Up

A leading wireless carrier has selected Everstream to serve as one of its replacement infrastructure providers, replacing small cell towers on the carrier’s current fiber networks with small cells on Everstream’s Business Fiber Network.

With the 5G wave of the future quickly becoming reality, small cell tower deployment is a critical step for wireless carriers, who are looking to densify the footprint of their networks. Our on-the-go society demands networks that can accommodate myriad apps, streaming, real-time data and more — and Everstream is doing its part to help lead the charge.

“Investments in telecom network improvements, such as fiber and 5G upgrades, are critical to preparing for more dynamic, competitive environments,” said Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “Everstream’s all fiber network is a critical component to the 5G rollout and we welcome the opportunity to support our customers as they prepare for the next wave.”

To learn more, visit everstream.net.