Everstream Fiber Delivers Cost-Effective Patient Care

A leading non-profit dedicated to serving the needs of children and adults with myriad disabilities turned to Everstream when their patients’ well-being was on the line.

“The service at two patient-centered locations was constantly going down, with one outage taking a week before service was restored,” explains Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “With no service, employees needed to check on residents every 15 minutes to maintain appropriate levels of care. The outages were more than just an inconvenience.”

As the fiber service provider of record for three of this customer’s locations, Everstream provided a holistic solution that accounted for the customer’s three current locations along with adding the two patient-centered locations — delivering the robust, consistent service this customer needed.

Without question, Everstream’s 24/7 Network Operations Centers in Cleveland, Ohio, and Lansing, Michigan, helped to seal the deal and put this customer’s mind at ease.

“Our highly trained NOC engineers answer calls directly and rectify any issues quickly so that our customers can focus on their business and their customers,” adds Major.

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