Everstream Earns Business of Multi-Site Title Company

A multi-location title company that had outgrown its cable modem opted to upgrade and switch providers to go with Everstream.

From online research to multi-page documents, this customer relies on Everstream’s high-speed, low-latency Dedicated Internet Access connection to meet its employee and client needs every day.

“Everstream’s ideal customer varies. It could be a single location that is looking to get fiber connectivity or a multi-site institution,” says Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “We continue to develop our solutions and build out our network so we can continue offering high-speed, readily-available fiber for our customers.”

In addition, Everstream’s no-charge bandwidth bursting proved to be a differentiator for this customer as well—delivering the flexibility they need to ensure their business stays productive during peak times.

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