Everstream Delivers Redundancy for Retailer

With robust brick-and-mortar and online sales, a leading fabric and craft specialty retailer in Northeast Ohio was in need of route diversity.

Everstream was selected to fill this gap and joined forces as one of the company’s fiber providers, who together supply mission-critical primary-redundant connectivity for this customer’s corporate headquarters.

“The customer had their connections going into their corporate headquarters from the north,” said Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “We were able to deliver service from the south on a totally different path, providing a redundant path at a cost-effective price point.”

Everstream had the network in place, which proved to be the differentiator in earning the business and made building the southern path a relatively seamless proposition.

Our network offers backbone redundancy to effectively serve customers in need of this professional peace of mind. Everstream’s self-healing fiber rings ensure that our customers’ service remains operational at all times.

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