Everstream Delivers for Community Health Care Providers

Thanks to a successful customer relationship with a leading community health care provider, Everstream has extended its relationship to include a freestanding clinic, served by many of the same physicians.

Both health care providers are dedicated to serving a range of needs for its local community and residents. From routine medical and dental care to women’s needs and mental health, these physicians rely on the high-speed Dedicated Internet Access that Everstream provides.

“A high-bandwidth, low-latency connection is critical to many industries, and can be life-changing to our customers within health care,” says Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream.

Access to patient information is paramount for any healthcare provider. As healthcare systems begin or continue the process of replacing hardware or merging software applications, a high-speed fiber connection can help safeguard against the unknown. Fiber can typically be put in place in preparation for growth needs up to 20 years into the future, offering a dependable connection for years to come.

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