Everstream Delivers Access for Area Libraries

For those Ohio residents who rely on their local public library for internet access, this free service is often a lifeline for job hunting, school research, email access and more. Everstream now is counted as a fiber network service provider delivering high-speed connectivity to area public libraries.

Everstream is delivering Point-to-Point connections on a multi-year contract for the most cost-effective solution for this customer.

“It’s telling that Everstream won the locations with the greatest need for bandwidth. Clearly, our high-speed, low-latency network is the preferred choice,” says Bill Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Everstream.

Not only does a fiber connection provide the largest capacity available, fiber has been shown to be the most dependable option for high-speed network access. Moreover, because fiber is a scalable option, it offers increased capacity as needed to meet connectivity demands at peak usage times.

To learn more, visit everstream.net.