Everstream and Logistics Firm: A Perfect Match

It’s not often that the answer to your company’s needs just shows up on your doorstep. But for one of Everstream’s trucking and logistics customers, a cold-calling sales representative did just that.

An Everstream team member stumbled upon a dirt road with a handful of businesses and fiber connectivity a stone’s throw away.

This family-owned online-only logistics firm had been operating its business strictly on a wireless network, which could be unreliable and came with its own challenges, and was stunned to learn they had access to a fiber network all along.

“This customer had been searching for a different carrier for a number of years,” says Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “They knew the advantages of a fiber network connection and the positive impact it would have on their business. Just two weeks later, they signed a five-year contract with Everstream.”

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