Electric Utility Serving the Underserved Powered by Everstream

A member-owned electric utility continues to provide fiber internet and telephone service to its rural, largely residential customer base across its electric service territory—thanks to Everstream.

The company strives to create vibrant, relevant and sustainable communities in its rural service areas by delivering broadband solutions to members who were previously unserved and underserved. With the power of Everstream’s network, the company has not only succeeded in serving this population throughout several Midwest states, they also have grown tremendously.

In recent years, this customer has added dozens of users a week to the network, which has resulted in steadily increasing their bandwidth needs.

“This customer values the guidance and one-on-one attention that Everstream provides,” said Bill Major, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Everstream. “We’ve helped them through some bumps in the road over the years and offered assistance that our competitors simply won’t deliver.”

This personalized service helped to secure a recent renewal.

To learn more, visit everstream.net.