Ed Carrol, Thompson Hine

With six offices and 750 employees, law firm Thompson Hine needs to be selective about its ultra-high speed broadband service. Thompson Hine chose Everstream.

“Pricing and service were two major considerations,” explains Ed Carrol, the firm’s Director of Information Services. “Everstream was less expensive than AT&T and Verizon. It came highly recommended by EDSI, a networking infrastructure consultancy and one of our highly trusted vendors. And, it’s local.”

Thompson Hine is currently utilizing Everstream’s 1 Gig symmetrical service, finding it ideal for sending documents and e-mails. The firm requires reliability and continuous service to ensure its customers and lawyers of continual service with no downtime. In the two years since the relationship began, Everstream has lived up to those standards.

CIO Steve Walsh acknowledges that the current bandwidth works for the firm, recognizing that the future may mean upgrades. “As business factors change, we may need to expand,” he says. “If we expand our use of video, our needs may change.”

For now, the 1 Gig speed provided by Everstream has “given us capabilities to accomplish more with a more creative infrastructure,” according to Walsh. “We’re very pleased with Everstream. Its service is great. Reliability is the most important thing and we can count on it. We’d be happy to recommend Everstream to anybody,” Walsh adds.