Diversity Offers Assurances for School System

Everstream’s ubiquitous fiber network proved to be a differentiator for one school system, offering the assurance that comes with diverse fiber paths.

As many know, standardized testing is a critical component for today’s students. When an outage occurred during the state’s mandated standardized testing timeframe, an entire district was unable to complete the testing — and their former provider was less than sympathetic.

In an effort to avoid this situation, the school district sought a partner whose solution included diverse paths as well as increased bandwidth to accommodate its changing needs. Everstream delivered a 2 Gbps DIA connection with the critical physical route diversity that the district required.

In addition, with Everstream’s no-charge bandwidth bursting, the district has the flexibility it needs to accommodate its students during high-usage standardized testing periods.

“Everstream’s unique ability to build based on customer needs ensured this school system could achieve the solution it needed from a single provider while the ability to burst during peak times offers an additional layer of assurance that the competition can’t provide,” explains Bill Major, Chief Revenue Officer, Everstream.

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