Customer Spotlight: 2016 Republican National Convention


When the 2016 Republican National Convention descended on the city, Clevelanders embraced the opportunity to show the best Northeast Ohio has to offer and rallied to make guests feel welcome. At long last, it was time for this region to shine on a national stage.

For its part, Everstream served as the exclusive dark fiber provider connecting the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland press headquarters and Quicken Loans Arena—the center of the action for RNC delegates. In the areas downtown surrounding the Q, scores of national media outlets in need of reliable, high-speed network access counted on Everstream to deliver when others couldn’t.

“Without question, the RNC was one of our most memorable projects. Everstream delivered quickly and helped contribute to this very high-profile event,” says Mikail Shomade, Vice President, Engineering, Everstream. “Regardless of political affiliation, it was a great experience for our team members.”

Everstream is a superregional network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest. The company focuses on delivering best-in-class network solutions while providing an unrivaled commitment to customer service.

In total, Everstream serviced 19 unique customers during the RNC with fiber running from Quicken Loans Arena across East 6th Street to a hotel and on to a restaurant near the corner of East 4th Street and Prospect Avenue East—the respective home bases for two major media outlets.

In turn, the project helped to expand Everstream’s fiber footprint in downtown Cleveland, establishing East 4th as an option for future customers and creating additional opportunities downtown.

“Whenever a customer wants service from Everstream, our team takes care to make sure we get it right—not just for that customer, but for every potential future customer that we might secure in that area,” Shomade explains. “We combined that approach with the accelerated pace necessitated by the RNC builds to lay the groundwork for future growth.”

For example, Everstream permitted four different possible routes when determining which pathway would work best for the RNC and for future customers. By anticipating several contingencies, team members ensured they did not lose precious time during the process.

“With so many moving parts, it was imperative that we kept moving forward in a timely fashion,” says Susan Six, OSP Engineering Lead, Everstream.

Because Everstream has built its network—totaling more than 9,500 route miles of fiber across five states—from the ground up, we are able to offer customized, build-to-suit service to meet the productivity and security needs of your business today and into the future. Our experts will design, build, certify and maintain your fiber network.

Additionally, Everstream delivers turn-key engineering and project management services—beginning with in-house associates who will handle the budgeting and planning processes along with inspections, acceptance testing and documentation.

We also have established relationships with municipalities and utilities that prove critical to troubleshooting operational delays and streamlining the construction process.

For the RNC, these relationships were priceless. In one instance, Everstream completed its customer’s fiber install with hours to spare before planned security measures would have closed downtown Cleveland.

“Our team members and corporate contractors played critical roles in our success—from permitting and permissions to fiber placements and splicing,” says Six. “Everyone was committed to getting the job done right, and we executed flawlessly.”


  • Quick turnaround
  • Complex routes
  • Ever-changing needs


  • Accelerated installation
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Consistent high-speed access

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