Benefits of Fiber

Everstream’s fiber network is known for being fast, reliable, symmetrical and scalable—sure to withstand the test of time for you and your business. Meanwhile, your current network may include traditional wires that are decades or even a century old.

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Fiber-based networks are more robust than traditional broadband networks. While cable has a maximum speed of hundreds of megabits per second, fiber-based networks can reach more than 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps)—equivalent to 100,000 Megabits per second (Mbps).


Interconnectivity is critical today. Because fiber strands are made of glass instead of metal, a fiber network connection offers increased reliability, a reduced chance of interference or deterioration, and the ability to transfer more data.


Due to the symmetrical nature of fiber, downloading and uploading large data files, including photos and videos, can be done in seconds rather than minutes or hours.


Fiber is a scalable option—meaning it can grow with you. Fiber has the ability to quickly and easily scale speeds to accommodate multiple users or a spike in demand, increasing in capacity as needed to meet connectivity demands.