With over 9,500 miles of fiber throughout Michigan and Northeast Ohio and comprehensive data center connectivity at 100 Gigabit speed, we provide the fastest, most reliable network in the region.

Our 24/7 Network Operations Centers in Cleveland, Ohio and Lansing, Michigan are staffed and operated by our certified technical team.

In a world where businesses depend more heavily on networking technology than ever, the speed and reliability of network connectivity is critical.

Our fiber-based services can revolutionize how your business operates.

Why Fiber?

Fiber advantages over copper wire or coaxial cable technology are numerous including extremely low latency, ultra-high bandwidth, and symmetrical upload and download speeds. We can customize bandwidth to your specific needs from 10 Mb to 100 Gb. With fiber, our customers get their own dedicated fiber line to the internet eliminating traffic congestion commonly found with copper and coaxial networks. In short, fiber can future-proof a company’s network.


Our all fiber network offers customized bandwidth options to fit a business’ unique, diverse connectivity needs. In addition to owning and operating our own high-speed fiber network, Everstream works with other partners to create custom network solutions that fit your requirements. Thanks to our third-party provider management, we take the complexity out of the buying decision by aggregating and translating the purchase of broadband circuits, bandwidth and services into a simple managed network solution.


Everstream uses top-quality equipment and provides customers access to superior network services. Our network allows businesses to operate a converged IP network capable of delivering robust voice, video, and data services at speeds from 10 Mb to 100 Gb without sacrificing security or architectural flexibility. Our customized network service solutions enable greater flexibility and planning for future services that may not be available via other local networks.

The foundation of our core network is fiber-ring architecture, providing diversity and reliability with multiple interconnected gateways that have the ability to provide from 320 Gb to more than 64 Tb of switching capacity per gateway.